Same Cloth at Dazzle

Same Cloth Music Group

Solomon Chapman is one of our newest AMTA members, and “Same Cloth,” the jazz group he co-leads with Joslyn Ford Keel,  is currently in residence at Dazzle in downtown Denver on the last Saturday of every month. We’re very happy to have Solomon with us at AMTA and we encourage our members to support him at Dazzle. You’ll find it a memorable and worthwhile experience.

From the Dazzle website:

Same Cloth is a project led by prolific pianist, Solomon J. Chapman Sr. and inventive vocalist, JoFoKe. Embarking upon a new, eclectic musical journey, the charismatic duo combines their peculiarities, perspectives and talents to share meaningful art. Same Cloth’s debut commercial release is expected late 2021.

JoFoKe – Vocals
Solomon Chapman Sr. – Keyboards
Matt Campbell – Drums
Will Gaines – Bass
James Tré – Guitar

Join Same Cloth at 6P & 9P at Dazzle Denver every last Saturday of each month through November and New Years Eve 2021. Tickets available at